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John McIlduff is a writer, filmmaker and stage director. He has made films about fighting cows, pear trees and irresponsible parents which have been screened in festivals from Tehran to Clermont Ferrand, directed commercials for well known brands of washing powder and been awarded the Prix de Qualité from the CNC, France.

As a writer, he has worked on both opera and soap opera, most recently writing for the French television show Un Meilleur Monde and wrote the words forPostcards from Dumbworld, which had its world premiere at the Belfast Festival 2010 and has been nominated for Best Opera at the Irish Theatre Awards 2010. Along with composer Brian Irvine, he has recently been awarded the Artist’s Taking the Lead commission for Northern Island as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations for London 2012, for the project NEST. He recently completed his first feature film Behold the Lamb.