nick ahlmark – filmmaker


nick ahlmark – sure – spinning in soweto

nick ahlmark – vice – korean poo wine

nick ahlmark – schweppes – poyo & parties in sierra leone

nick ahlmark – schweppes – world’s strongest everything

nick ahlmark – philips – lunchbreak hero

nick ahlmark – philips – the snow king

nick ahlmark – philips – scanwich man

nick ahlmark – vice – the man who eats roadkill

nick ahlmark – philips – ice cream magician

nick ahlmark – vice – sisa: cocaine of the poor – part 1

nick ahlmark – vice – sisa: cocaine of the poor – part 2

nick ahlmark – schweppes – keeping up with the cazans

nick ahlmark – barry cox: the chinese dream

nick ahlmark – vice – a good day to die

nick ahlmark – philips – paper pixel man


Nick Ahlmark is a documentary film maker who has applied his passion for story telling to the booming world of online branded content. He has directed films for major global clients including Philips, Schweppes, Intel, Coca Cola and Google, with work that is at the forefront of how brands are now connecting with online audiences through short form documentaries.

Nowhere is too remote or far flung for Nick to go in order to get the all important story – Bolivia, Sierra Leone and the mountains of northern Vietnam are just a few of his recent global conquests. In addition to his branded work, Nick is also a regular for the RTS winning international broadcaster Al Jazeera English, for whom he specialises in producing / directing investigative and observational documentaries in the Asia-Pacific region. He is currently developing a feature length documentary set in west Africa.